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"SenseTime is committed to advancing AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses, people and society, as well as attract and nurture top talents to shape the future together. We were deeply impressed by Hermitage's focus and dedication in China hard tech investments and are convinced that Hermitage is our long-term partner."
Bing Xu
"Horizon Robotics's mission is to make life safer and better through edge-AI computing with a vision to empower every vehicle with our AI computing platform. We were impressed by Hermitage's understanding of AI and Autonomous Driving sectors, and its deep roots in global capital market. Hermitage has always been a very supportive shareholder and partner who helps bring in strategic resources and promote our products among OEMs and Tier-1s in the automobile ecosystem."
Dr. Kai Yu
Founder & CEO
Horizon Robotics
"From industrial automation to smart manufacturing, SmartMore aims to empower manufacturers with the next-generation industrial architecture and solutions. Hermitage Capital, the lead investor in our Series B financing, provides us with invaluable support in our business development and brings us with important leads for potential manufacturing clients."
Prof. Jiaya Jia
Founder & Chairman
"XtalPi is a quantum physics-based, AI-powered Pharmatech platform dedicated to improving the speed, scale, novelty and success rate of drug discovery and development. Hermitage Capital provides us with generous support in our Series D financing and beyond, leading to our lasting partnership."
Dr. Shuhao Wen
Co-founder & Chairman
"ScaleFlux allows customers to overcome the challenges of scaling their data center infrastructure to handle data-driven applications. Hermitage Capital's investment in our Series C financing facilitates the launch of our latest generation of computational storage products and accelerates our product commercialization, which is very critical in our effort to become the global leader in computational storage."
Dr. Hao Zhong
Co-founder & CEO
"Innovusion is dedicated to the continuous improvement of LiDAR technology to foster a better world with safer and smarter transportation and mobility solutions. As the lead investor of our Series C financing, Hermitage Capital has been an unyielding supporter of Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving, and has played a critical role in expanding our partnership ecosystem."
Dr. Junwei Bao
"Factorial's vision is to drive the revolution of a wireless, fossil fuel-free society, and bring the greatest benefit to humankind. Factorial is dedicated to providing the highest performance, most sustainable and safest batteries to power electric vehicles, homes and businesses. As our Series D investor, Hermitage Capital brings in unparalleled capital market experience and provides critical views and insights that are in the best interest of Factorial under the current market environment."
Siyu Huang
Founder & CEO
Factorial Energy
"Lufax Holding is a leading technology empowered personal financial services platform in China. Our mission is to make retail borrowing and wealth management easier, safer and more efficient. Hermitage invested in our Series C round and supported our US IPO as one of the major anchor investors. Hermitage has deep understanding of the FinTech sector and it has been a pleasure working with Sean and the rest of the Hermitage team."
Gregory Gibb
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Lufax Holding
"360 Digital aims to enable a better life for people by facilitating safe, convenient and inclusive financial services through technology empowerments to financial institutions. Hermitage Capital demonstrated a thorough understanding of AI, big data, FinTech, and infrastructure, which is tremendously helpful in building our long-term partnership."
Jun Xu
360 Digitech
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